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  Western Roofing System is a family owned and operated "one-stop roofing contractor" in San Ramon that can provide beginning to end roof services. We specialize in beautiful energy efficient, highly recyclable stone coated and color finished metal roofs on residential, commercial and industrial structures. We also offer only the highest quality tri-lamanents and install Limited Lifetime CPA/PVC for low slope (flat roofing) applications. Services include roof inspection, evaluation, written estimates, regulatory permitting, roof installation and cleanup. Our team can also install insulation and thermal barriers into the high energy saving systems saving you even more money year round on your utility bills. Custom exhaust and intake components along with attic fans, seamless gutters, tunnel and conventional skylights are also offered. They work on re-roofing and also new roofing on existing structures.

  Green Qualified Metal Roofing is made from recyclable metals and is both beautiful and durable. It is more attractive and offers better longevity, performance and energy savings than conventional roofing. See our detailed comparison of common roofing materials and find out why you should go Green, stop the insanity of allowing your utility bills to continue to go thru your roof, upgrade your homes look and appeal and consider solar friendly metal roofing.

  Western Roofing System also provides financing and post-installation warranty repair and service. Contact us here on our website or call us (888) 766-3485. Put us to work for you and do the right thing for your home, pocket book and environment. Thank you.

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